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    I, the authorised account/finance officer of the company:  Declare that I have completed this form with correct information as per record held by the company’s bank; and  Understand that giving false or misleading information will lead to delay in receipt of payment from Global Halal Exchange to the company; and  Global Halal Exchange entitled to increase the deals price from the final offer price of merchants for any single products or services; and  I have the right to claim refunds on the basis of the final price I have to offer to Global Halal Exchange and the number of transactions and the goods or services received by the buyer only.
    I hereby confirm that I/We have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions as attached herewith. Privacy Policy and Consent to Use Personal Data At Global Halal Exchange, we are committed to protecting your privacy as our valued customers and pledge to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) 2010. Please note that any personal information (“Personal Data”) in respect of commercial transactions that relates directly or indirectly to you as an individual, that had been collected, processed and retained by Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd is protected under our Privacy Policy, formulated in pursuant to the PDPA 2010. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at to understand how we do this and feel free to reach us at should you have any additional enquiries. IMPORTANT: By submitting this form, you agree and consent to the use, processing and disclosure of your Personal Data by Global Halal Exchange for the purpose as described in this form.
  • Each merchant registration is required to pay registration fee per annum RM 106 (inclusive of GST). Any registered merchants are eligible for 120 days extended from the signing date. Please make a payment to : Global Market eCommerce Sdn Bhd (CIMB :98970202000001)
    Attached herewith our in favor of GLOBAL HALAL EXCHANGE being registration fee and payment for our participation. 2. I/We have read and understood the contents and hereby agree to abide by terms and conditions as stipulated in the next page. These Term and Conditions may be subjected to change by Global Halal Exchange and we will be notified in a manner as Global Halal Exchange deems appropriate. 3. I hereby accept any and all responsibility for the Global Halal Exchange and agree to be liable for any demand/claim and any cost arising from legal action pertaining to our usage of the Global Halal Exchange service. 4. I/We confirm that the information given herein is true.


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