Aeman Rezal Barwa Emerald Green

Aeman Rezal Barwa Emerald Green

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Aeman Rezal Barwa Emerald Green
“This is the place where we lived. While all other places are occupied with brown sandy desert, it is so green and calm in Barwa, far away from the city. We are labeled as the Barwa Boys since it is the home to the only crew man. And the best thing about this place is everyone knows each other because we are in a little community together. We lived in the same building, we lounge together, we cook together as a small family here in Doha. In a small room with documents and sketches scattered on the floor, this was the place where Aeman Rezal was founded.”

Material Used: High Quality Sakura Silk

Color : Emerald Green

Slim Fit Cut

Modern with 3 buttons

Mandarin Style Collar

Avaiable 4 Colours: Burgundy, Deep Blue, Emerald Green & Ash Grey

Size & Measurements S, M, L

Model’s body measurements : Size L

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L, M, S