Aeman Rezal Oryx Burgundy

Aeman rezal Oryx Burgundy

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Aeman Rezal Oryx Burgundy

“The name Oryx derives from the symbol of Qatar’s National Carrier. Here lies the first step towards everything I want- to travel the world. Our hearts are pounding because we are in a country of people and we don’t know what to expect. People always told us if you want to travel for free, work with the company with the Oryx symbol. And we are so lucky to be able to experience new things, meet a lot of new people, learn about their culture, their language and visit so many countries and for that, we are blessed.”

Material Used: High Quality Sakura Silk

Color : Red

Slim Fit Cut

Modern with 3 buttons

Mandarin Style Collar

Avaiable 4 Colours: Burgundy, Deep Blue, Emerald Green & Ash Grey

Size & Measurements S, M, L

Model’s body measurements : Size L

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L, M, S