Tiffin CAD Arcadia Suite With Architectura

Tiffin CAD Arcadia Suite With Architectura 1


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Tiffin CAD ArCADia Suite with Architectura

Affordable Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for technical / engineering / architectural drawings
Annual fee not required
Utilising powerful CAD engine and enhanced with Building Information Modeling (BIM) functions
With auto modular grids, wall, column, window, door, ceiling, stairs, etc insertion functions
Plus room list creator, 3-D preview, 2-D & 3-D object database, tools to show, report and remove clashes.
Malaysian (JKR, CIDB, MS2522, MS1064, Syabas, Fashion Industry) standard symbols/drawing templates
Built with TiffinTOOLS-Base (drawing short cuts), TiffinTOOLS-IBS (IBS Score / IBS Calculator software), TiffinDATA (product/service database)
With Architectura overlay to include more BIM functions:
Rounded wall, winding stairs, ramp, roof, pad footing, strip footing, cross section, material database editor, import/export to IFC files etc
Suitable for professionals and students
CD in box, Manual

By Innovacia Sdn Bhd

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